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Write the vision, make it plain ...(Hab. 2:2). So, I wrote my vision for 2016, on this hi-tech tablet.
A #bosslady once told me to write my big hairy AUDACIOUS goals, naturally some are lofty goals, some requires nothing but discipline while others will challenge me. In the process of writing, I managed to work some personal goal into the vision. Here's to 2016.
Business goals:
  • Introduce Vibrant Journal, a weekly journal to bring you along on my journey, share relevant  and even entertaining vibrant life, love and living.
  • Expand Ronnie Bliss Photography. More to come on this topic in future posts.
  • Enhance the Ronnie Bliss Wedding Experience. My ultimate goal is to pull off an annual weekend getaway with my brides. Lofty for now but I'll get there.
  • Continue to improve my craft by getting out of my comfort zone. Never stop learning.
  • Surround me with people that are smarter, wiser and all round interested in my success. Business coach, mentors and cheerleaders.
  • Improve blogging to at least 2 times a week. Consistently. This blogging thing is HARD work!
  • Read at least 1 business book per month. January read - Jab, jab, jab, RIGHT HOOK by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • Hire an intern or part-time assistant. I can't do it alone.

A great segway into my personal goals:

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Every day sleep. Any small business owner will understand this one.
  • Travel, travel, travel. Did I say travel? I promise to bring you along through my images. Or better yet, pack a bag, let's go!
  • Read 2 books per month for pleasure. My daughter does not agree that audiobooks are same as 'reading', so I will 'listen' to at least 2 books. 
  • Complete a 52-week photo challenge just for pleasure. This is a CHALLENGE I'm willing to try. I already missed week 1, but I'm not deterred, be patient with me. Clickin Moms is my source of inspiration, in case you wish to tag along. 
Phew! There I wrote it. If you have read this far, thank you for spending part of your day with me. If there's a topic you would love to read, please let me know. Don't forget to subscribe and share my posts with friends. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


Ronnie-Bliss-Photography_0083.jpg Do something Good for someone this Monday.

First, an apology for missing a few series. I was on travel and should have prepared well in advance, but I was so giddy about the travel, visiting my 'motherland' after well over a decade. But now I'm back. Home sweet home!. On to today's series.

How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? Or were you the Santa? Did you make all your deliveries in time? Although Christmas is over, the spirit of giving lives on and that is our focus this week. We focus our attention on doing something good great for someone else.

Todays’ task? A gift. Just because.

Take a good look around. I bet you received more than one gift. And if by chance you only received one gift, take a look around the house, I know you're blessed with more than a single gift. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective, so today, take that different perspective as you look around the house. Is there a gift you can give someone else?

This Monday's Do Good For Someone Else task is not about re-gifting, although it's not a bad idea especially if you are not going to use that gift. Nor is it about gifting someone that has less than you because there simply is no way to determine what each one of us values and, therefore, hold close to our hearts. I am talking about gifting a friend, just because. Not for Christmas, not for New Year but just because you thought of that person, and you took the time to select just the right gift, wrap it up and deliver it. That's where the magic is.

For those who are at a loss for a gift idea, how about a gift of your time? Coffee, a meal, a movie together? Take turns reading a book, or a walk down memory lane. The idea is to make a difference today. Deliver a gift. Just because.

Do Something Good. Happy Monday!

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Let's hear it. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.


Ronnie Bliss Photography_0083.jpg Do something Good for someone this Monday.

Welcome to another beautiful week. Even more special since it's Thanksgiving week this side of the world. A double header to do something good this Monday for someone else and give thanks all week long.

Todays’ task? Tell them.

Tell anyone and everyone around you that you are truly thankful to have in your life or sphere of influence what each person mean to you. Tell your families, friends, loved ones. How you tell them is up to you, but tell them, verbalize it, communicate, let them know what they mean to you. Tell your frenemies too because without them, you wouldn't be where you are today.

Take this a step further, it's Thanksgiving week afterall, count the many blessings you're thankful for, and tell each source of that blessing. Number your challenges too, they make us strong. Think of them as the speed bump in the road that slows us down when we suddenly find ourselves running the Indy 500 without a plan, it causes us to refocus.

Make a difference today, all week long, tell someone how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Do Something Good, for someone else. Happy Monday!

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Lets hear it. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.


Ronnie Bliss Photography_0083.jpgDo something Good for someone this Monday.

How was your weekend? Busy? Got your much-needed rest? Welcome to another beautiful week. Another opportunity to do something good, for someone else.

Todays’ task? A Prayer.

Say a prayer for a complete stranger. Throughout today, the week really, or better yet, cultivate the habit of praying for strangers. You don't need to stop, kneel, clasp your hands, close your eyes or anything like that. Just pay in your spirit, or if you like openly. Don't worry, they won't think you strange, no more than when Bluetooth just took over and folks would ask are you speaking to them? Remember then? They will think you're on the Bluetooth or talking to your imaginary friend and in this case they'd be right. But seriously, lift someone else up in prayer, the people around you needs it, the world needs it and you need it too. This is probably going the be the easiest task, however, it is also easy to forget, because life gets in the way. Afterall, we have a million other things that demand our attention like that long never ending to-do list, you should see mine. Try it, do it, pick the next person you see, no don't touch them, just saw a word of prayer, start in general, everyone needs prayer, you know it, I know it, it's settled. Depending on your level of prayer, start with something simple like peace and watch your prayer muscle grow.

If you would like to take this a step further, ask your friends if they have a prayer request. Or keep your own list of people to pray for. In writing down names or need, you are likely to pray more often.

And the reward?

Take a good look around you, see that huge tree? or any tree for that matter, when was it planted? When was it watered to give the shade it offers today? That's the reward of your prayer. You're planting seeds that will, guaranteed, to grow into a tree, metaphorically speaking of course, offer shade to you and others when you least expect it and for the benefit of hundreds, thousands and millions. In your praying for others, someone else might just be praying for you. Sometimes the answer is a 'maybe', 'not yet, or 'no' for sure, and other times it is a resounding YES! but there is always an answer.

Make a difference today. Say a prayer. Your prayer may be the missing link all along.

Do Something Good, for someone else. Happy Monday!

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Lets hear it. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.