3 Must-Have Guests At Your Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

You're engaged, wedding plans underway, you want to shout it from the rooftops and invite practically everyone to come witness your special day as you glide down to the aisle to exchange vows with the man of your dreams. I get it, who wouldn't? 

If money is no object and you have champagne wishes, then, by all means, go right ahead, invite everyone including your Facebook friends 

But, if you have to pare down the list to a manageable, realistic number of guests, then handing out those golden ticket requires a strategy, here are 3 criteria to consider:

Consider these 3 must invite the type of friends/family to invite to make your wedding a day to remember:

1. Include only friends and families you know who will be in the moment.  

With the amount of time and money, you will be spending on your wedding, invite those people that will truly happy to be there to share in your joy. You know those friends who can put their phone down and truly be in the moment when you see each other. They are the one who are likely to remember the words in your vows, the look on your face, how giddy you were as the ring slips on your finger.

Yap! those, they deserve to be present. 

2. Include your cheerleaders.

You know those friends and families that stand by you no matter what. They are the ones who have seen you at your less than stellar self but still love you unconditionally. You know the names that pop right up in your head if all you have is a quarter, yes include those, they've earned it and will gladly jump up, clap their hearts our and raise the glass to you. Cheers!

By the way, they will be the first to send in that RSVP you and your wedding planner need to finalize seating arrangement and meal plans.


3. Include meaningful relationships that have been relevant and you believe will still be 5, 10 or 15 years from now.

If you have kept in touch through the years or picked right back up from where you left off, these are the friends that you call when you need someone to really listen without judgment and will get on the plane at the drop of a hat because their girl is in need. 

What are you waiting for, ship that golden ticket off right away!

There you have it! We have a wedding to plan.

Wedding list management is in the bag, let's move on to your color scheme. By the way, did you see Pantone's color for 2018? Hint! Its in the purple hue, try Ultra Violet 18-3838.

Next time, I'll discuss how to be a perfect wedding guest if you happen to snag that golden wedding ticket. 


Don't forget photography, its the only thing, next to your ring that lasts a lifetime. Your wedding dress is put away, while your photographs and heirloom album is the very thing you pass on to future generations. 

While we're on the subject of photography, give me a call, let's get your enagement photography session scheduled.