Ronnie-Bliss-Photography_0083.jpg Do something Good for someone this Monday.

First, an apology for missing a few series. I was on travel and should have prepared well in advance, but I was so giddy about the travel, visiting my 'motherland' after well over a decade. But now I'm back. Home sweet home!. On to today's series.

How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? Or were you the Santa? Did you make all your deliveries in time? Although Christmas is over, the spirit of giving lives on and that is our focus this week. We focus our attention on doing something good great for someone else.

Todays’ task? A gift. Just because.

Take a good look around. I bet you received more than one gift. And if by chance you only received one gift, take a look around the house, I know you're blessed with more than a single gift. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective, so today, take that different perspective as you look around the house. Is there a gift you can give someone else?

This Monday's Do Good For Someone Else task is not about re-gifting, although it's not a bad idea especially if you are not going to use that gift. Nor is it about gifting someone that has less than you because there simply is no way to determine what each one of us values and, therefore, hold close to our hearts. I am talking about gifting a friend, just because. Not for Christmas, not for New Year but just because you thought of that person, and you took the time to select just the right gift, wrap it up and deliver it. That's where the magic is.

For those who are at a loss for a gift idea, how about a gift of your time? Coffee, a meal, a movie together? Take turns reading a book, or a walk down memory lane. The idea is to make a difference today. Deliver a gift. Just because.

Do Something Good. Happy Monday!

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Let's hear it. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.