a moment that makes a difference

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0021.jpg Another Do something Good for someone Monday.

Did you light up someone's world with your radiant smile last week? or perhaps all week long? I sure hope you did.

If you're new here, this an action blog with new activity each Monday. Simple tasks that can be accomplished within minutes, or before the day is over, the choice is always yours. The idea is to take the spotlight off yourself and make someone else’s day. Be a blessing. Simple!

So, on to today’s task: a moment that makes a difference by yielding to others. How? Driving? allow the other driver to get into your lane, it only takes a moment. In cashier lane? allow the customer with one or two items to go before you, or the parent with a restless kid, it only takes a moment. Getting on or out of the elevator? Hold the door, just a moment longer for others to get on or out, it only takes a moment. That awkward situation where you're about to collide with someone? You've got this, it only takes a moment.

Think about it for a moment ... that's all it takes ... a moment to a different. Happy Monday.

Did you do it? Well? How'd it go? Tell us all about it in the comment section.

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Share it and it just might be featured. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.