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I almost missed it.

Bolu and Tosin's wedding that is.

Thanks in part to those nice uniformed guys, you know, the ones that pull your car over on the side of the road checking random car documents. I wonder if they can spot a fake from the real thing, but I digress. There I was dressed and raring to go but I couldn't. My ride simply didn't show. Why? my ride had been pulled over by those 'state finest' asking for that lone random document that just wasn't there. Two hours later, lots of phone calls back and forth, mercy prevailed. And so began the race, from Sagamu, Ogun State to Lagos Island. Did I mention the ever present traffic jam? Yap! It was present, but we were not deterred. From one hotel to another, changed to look wedding ready and it was show time.  Words are simply not enough to describe the magic of the day. Of the love between these two. Their embrace, the intimacy of their dance, and part three of their wedding, when all the friends took to the runway.

Words are simply not enough to describe the magic of the day. Of the vibrant love between these two. Their embrace, the intimacy of their dance, the looks they exchanged spoke volumes.

And then there was part three to this dream wedding when all the friends took to the runway. Yes! the stage was really a runway!

So very grateful to be part of Bolu and Tosin's very special day.

Ronnie heart

He's been waiting to say it, practiced it really, those two simple words that carry more weight than gold. 'I do'

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Words are not necessary Ronnie Bliss Photography_0126.jpg

Sealed with a kiss Ronnie Bliss Photography_0127.jpg

Oh, his serenade Ronnie Bliss Photography_0128.jpg

So many dignitaries, I almost froze first time I saw them Ronnie Bliss Photography_0129.jpg

Yap! we did it Ronnie Bliss Photography_0130.jpg

Your parents embrace Ronnie Bliss Photography_0131.jpg

The pillars Ronnie Bliss Photography_0132.jpg

Daddy's embrace Ronnie Bliss Photography_0133.jpg

Oh, the venue, the decor, the ambiance, I can go on and on and on Ronnie Bliss Photography_0134.jpg

Daddy's entrance, you should have seen the supporting cast Ronnie Bliss Photography_0135.jpg

and of course, mommy's grand entrance, now their supporting cast was so long I gave up capturing them Ronnie Bliss Photography_0136.jpg

Just look at us. Ronnie Bliss Photography_0137.jpg

Yap! I married her Ronnie Bliss Photography_0138.jpg

Words of wisdom Ronnie Bliss Photography_0139.jpg

And more wisdom Ronnie Bliss Photography_0140.jpg

Off to cut the cake... wait till you see it

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0141.jpg

Prayer, and this one was just to cut the cake Ronnie Bliss Photography_0142.jpg

And she's been practicing for this dance Ronnie Bliss Photography_0143.jpg

Looking at your newly minted husband ... and your newly minted mom dance

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0145.jpg

Mom's still got it! Ronnie Bliss Photography_0144.jpg

Anticipating the dance with daddy

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0146.jpg

Where did my little girl go? She's now a woman Ronnie Bliss Photography_0147.jpg

Could I have this dance? For the rest of our lives ... Ronnie Bliss Photography_0149.jpg

Private moment ... in a fish bowl Ronnie Bliss Photography_0150.jpg

Sweet nothings Ronnie Bliss Photography_0151.jpg

Oh that reception suit ... made just for her body Ronnie Bliss Photography_0154.jpg

it's a wrap! Ronnie Bliss Photography_0155.jpg