ronnie-bliss-photographyWelcome to the inaugural edition of Houston in Thirds, a small business view.  Houston in Thirds is a Thursday blog dedicated to documenting the stories of small businesses I come in contact with as I explore the new city I now call home, through the view of my lens. The blog is more about photographing outside of my 'people' zone.

Up this week, through the view of my lens are images from the 'Craft"ernoon' workshop I attended this past weekend. Something sweet, something bubbly.... while learning a new skill or two? Deal me in!


houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-8houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-1-2 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-1



Meet Lauren (center) the woman behind Host The Toast, an event planning small business in, you guess it, Houston and Host of Toast & Twirl. houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-29houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-27houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-3houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-11houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-7

Love the paper florals below? That's husband and wife duo of Alaan Studios (they put us to work by the way) houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-41houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-40

And then Lauren took the stage again, talked about her styling by repurposing items we already own. How about a repurposing a barcart ...


What's a gathering without something sweet? Want some? The Tipsy Dessert Bar did it!

houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-50 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-56houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-15 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-13houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-10houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-12 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-14

And then they came back, the ever smiling folks of Alaan Studios. I cut so many papers I needed help. houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-30houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-34houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-37 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-23houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-26

Caught in the light, he was just there. houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-48New photographer friends along the way Stacy Anderson Photography and R Marie Photography


Kristen Leigh made lettering feel like child's play houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-55 houston-photographer-ronnie-bliss-photo-22

If you enjoyed the 'view' please comment below and share it.  And, come back next week to view my city exploration with Nicki Evans Photography as we visited AG antique shop in the Heights neighborhood.


Ronnie Bliss Photography_0019.jpg Do something Good for someone this Monday.

How was your weekend? Busy? Got your much-needed rest? Well, now that it is over, focus our attention to do something good for someone else.

Todays’ task? Next door.

Do you know your neighbor? No, not just the ones at home, but at the workplace, in school, the people we cross path with regularly. Do you really know them? Can you knock on their door and ask for a cup of sugar or couple of eggs. My daughter would be mortified to be the one on that errand! (I know, I know, there's no such thing anymore when you can simply order from any of the online delivery stores) and that's the whole point. We get busy with our own lives, places to go, people to see. Don't worry, I'm guilty of this one! I just met the neighbor that moved directly across from me over three months ago, and that's what prompted this post.

Today, meet a neighbor. Slow down, stop long enough to say hello. Find out something about them. Introduce yourself and what you do, if you have your elevator pitch perfected, let it roll, you'll never know what he or she does, or most importantly how we can support one another. Consider this ... what if you're the only adult conversation that neighbor had all day. Or even more seriously, you turn out to be life-line?  If nothing else, you've just met and made a new friend.

Meet the neighbor next door. Make a friend. Become a lifeline. Make a difference.

Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Lets hear it.




Not even a rain soaked day could deter these lovebirds. What started as a couple of hours plan turned into a fun filled day that ended with a dinner date and impromptu jazz fest. Thank you Ayisatu and James for being such a wonderful couple to work with in every way. I can't wait for your wedding day.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0057.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0058.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0059.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0060.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0061.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0062.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0063.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0064.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0065.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0066.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0067.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0068.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0069.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0071.jpg