Friends in time of need

There are people we meet along the way that makes a difference in our lives. Those we meet at difficult times that turn out to be great friends are truly a gem. Amy and Gene are one of those friends that everyone should meet. They are simply beautiful inside and out, and were just what God planted my way at what was probably the lowest point in my life over a decade ago. Of course we have moved, kids are grown and starting to leave the nest. We have even occasionally crossed path and kept in touch here and there, you guessed it, Facebook. Not that we couldn't visit with one another, if you know anything about me, you'd know I'm that football-softball-band-chorus-ice-hockey-wherever-the-kids-needs-to-be-kind-of-mom. The milage on my previous car bore witness. But ha... kids grow, and they go to college, and I have all these time on my hand. Oh joy! Anyway, imagine my delight when one Saturday morning when I receive a fb message from Gene telling me he would like to have his family photos taken, and for once would like to be in front of the camera. The best part, he would like me to be their photographer. Today, I'd love to share the face of the family that was my second family when I needed one almost fourteen years ago. This beautiful lady that pointed out my very first townhome, and the guy that made my boys laugh while doing a willie with his jeep truck.