I'm getting married come rain or sunshine was Ashley's response to all the gloom and doom coming from all weather stations.

Dark clouds, heavy rain, and gusty winds were the forecast for the day. And rain it did. And the dark clouds rolled in. And the winds followed suit. And it was raining as I set out to photograph this intimate wedding in Galveston, TX. But talk about everything working together for good for Ashley and Johnny, as if on queue, the rain stopped, the clouds though present, turned from dark to dramatic, the sky parted and the sun, a spectacular sunset I might add, lifted its head and shined through the clouds. In the space of the entire ceremony, we must have had at least 4 - 5 coloring in the sky, from clear to clouds, anything but rain, until I set off on my drive back home. The rain was so heavy that I had to slow to a crawl and turn on the emergency signals. 

These two hotties exchanged their vows, reading from the same piece of paper that looked like they took turns writing on, surrounded by a tight circle of friends and family. Planning by Precious Nuptials & Destinations Weddings

Come see this gorgeous intimate beach wedding through my lens ...