Creating a business portrait for these two Houston Wedding Planners was a hoot! To make things interesting, their hubbies tagged along to become a portrait session for a pair of couple who could not keep a straight face. These people were playful and hilariously funny. 

Carol and Anna have more than their friendship in common, both their husbands are in law enforcement and the muscle for their wives business. That, by the way, was how I met the husbands, power drill-toting, heavy object lifting guys. All four, believe it or not, have eerily similar personalities. Partners at Classy and Sassy Chics Event Planning, LLC.  Carol and Anna live up to their business name. One minute you would think that they are the prim and proper finishing school kind of ladies, the next minute the sassy part comes right out without skipping a bit. We had a blast, ok, "I" was challenged creating these images because I couldn't pin down their personalities, They would keep a straight face as I nudge them and break out laughing when I look through my lens. It didn't take long before I joined in the shenanigan. The best part though, two locations later, the night ended at diner, I suppose as payment for the torture they put me through, nah, it was truly in celebration of my birthday, you guessed it, dinner on them! Let's do it again. Soon shall we? 

For the work part, here are some of the images I could show, some are too personal, umm, goofy, to show. Enjoy.