How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

If you're reading this, chances are you engaged and looking for the perfect wedding photographer. 

Any photographer will do. Afterall it's just a simple point and click. Well, not quite. There are thousands and thousands of incredibly talented wedding photographers all around the world. Do you need all of them at your wedding? Of course not. Phew! That would not be pretty. 

If your quest then is to find the one perfect photographer for your one of a kind, talk of the town, or small and intimate wedding as beautiful and unique as you then consider these 3 quick criteria to narrow your selection. 

1. Start with the end in sight:

  • What's the single most important factor about your wedding images? Immediate gratification for viewing and social media sharing or family preservation?
  • Do love nothing more than to show off your stunning images,  or are you interested in starting a family legacy.
  • Would you like to show your grandchildren the fabric of their lives? And leave a legacy for future generations?

Select a photographer that embodies what is most important to your goals.


2. Personality:

  • Are you both life of the party, adventurer, bohemian? small intimate? hopeless romantic.
  • Asking me to come on a mountain climbing adventure is akin to asking me to drop my camera and freeze.

If your style is romantic, intimate, not afraid of public display of affection, snuggle up, whisper in his ear then sign me up. 

3. Style: What moves you?

  • Do you gravitate towards light and airy? wild and wacky? dark and moody? bold and beautiful? Hey, don't knock it, there's something for everyone.
  • If you ask me for dark and moody I wouldn't know how to create it and that will be a great disservice to you.

If your style is bold and beautiful, we should chat. 

When it comes to selecting your ideal wedding photographer, understand that your images should not be the only influencing factor. The images are very, very important no doubt, but consider this:

  • The relationship with your photographer will go farther than just a one-time job. 
  • The one that calms your nerves, locate your mom or maid of honor, grabs a bottle of water and all round right-hand man or woman,  
  • Next to your maid of honor, your he/she is the one that's with you from start to finish on your special day and fills more than just the role of a photographer
  • The one you'll still be talking to long after your dress has been packed away and you're finally getting used to two rings on your finger. 

So you see, it's not a simple point and click, it's important to select the style and personality that closely matches yours. While you can recreate the moment, nothing compares to the images that capture the magic of 'that' special moment as your day unfolds, you see the love of your life for the very time and say those magic words. There is simply no do over. Choose wisely. 

Engaged? Let's chat.
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