Ronnie-Bliss-Photography_0019.jpg Do something Good for someone this Monday.

How was your weekend? Busy? Or did you get your much-needed rest? Well, now that it is over, focus our attention to do something good for someone else.

Are you new here? This an action blog with a new activity each Monday. Simple tasks that can be accomplished within minutes, or before the day is over, the choice is always yours. The idea is to take the spotlight off yourself and make someone else’s day. Be a blessing. Simple!

Todays’ task? Speak the truth in love.

I’m sure before day is over you’ll be presented with an opportunity to weigh in on an issue. Perhaps you observe a situation and wish to share your opinion. Today, pause for a moment and repackage that opinion with an extra dose of love. For most women, our brain processes information faster than our mouth could possibly catch up. We have laser beams that can cut through the worst crisis and come up with at least three solutions for any situation and that is just for starters. Today, resist the urge to "let it rip". While your solution or opinion may be the absolute truth, be mindful it is absolute from your vantage point. Or yours is the one and only solution, speak that truth with love. Consider how you would like to receive that package of opinion. Speak in love.

Make a difference today. Speak the truth in love. The recipient might just take that advise and thank you for being considerate after all.

Do Something Good. Happy Monday!

Love the idea? Share the post. Have an idea? Lets hear it. Until next Monday…. Do something Good for someone.