Master the art of addressing your wedding invitation - Part 2

You came back? Great!

Let's get started with a quick 3 day, step by step process of becoming a master at creating and address lists and labels. Follow along as this is one of the easy, useful and manageable ways to create and maintain a great address list you would be proud of. Ready?

At first glance one would think an address consists of the name, address, city, state and zip. Well ...  yes and no. On paper ... Yes In software speak ... No.

Since we are going to use a software, we focus on turning that No into Awesome. To create that awesome list, it is necessary to understand that your software reads everything as a field and pulls the content.

To achieve an addressed envelope that looks like this: Mr. & Mrs. James Love 1234 Lovelace Street Suite 2002 Friendship, AR  71942

The address list setup could look something like this: Title   Name   Address1    Address2    City     State    Zip

I recommend using an Excel spreadsheet or similar software to make sorting a breeze in the future. Since this is fairly simple to do, and you are going to master this list, lets start with an assignment. 1. Enter each of the list fields above in your spreadsheet, one label per column so it looks something like this:

Mastering The Address List - img 1





  1. Start your very own mailing list using the labels above.
  2. Enter 5 names. You do know 5 people don’t you? You don’t? Here’s a hint, start with your name, the groom, your parents, the groom's parents, all the girls in your bridal party, all the groomsmen… see how easy it is to come up with 5 names.
  3. If you're on a roll, don't stop, please continue populating your list with your guest list.

Tomorrow is day 2 of the quick 3 day step by step process. We will add additional fields and populate each field. On day 3, we will create a mail merge and print to a label.

Mastering the art of addressing your wedding invitation is part of a series, please check back tomorrow as we add more useful fields to our address list. If there is a field you need for your event, go ahead, add it. It's your list. As I have stated, there is more that one way to perform any task. The goal of this series is to show you how to create a  list that can be reused for years to come.

If you cannot wait for the entire series, send me an email, let’s take care of your need right away. If you find the information in this blog useful, please consider sharing with everyone you know.

Thanks for reading.