Sweet Sixteen!

My date with Anne as she turns sixteen.

Wow! where did the time go? She was just a little girl a few days ago, and if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting her, you'd never predict the outcome of the session. Anne can be both shy and, em, how shall I say this? talkative. Shy if she doesn't know you, but asks that "why"question of everything and anything if she's familiar. As she turns sixteen, its incredible to see what a stunner she's going to be. She showed up with her outfit already picked out, and that shoe on her feet,  I couldn't believe she'd walk in it but she pulled it off like a pro. To top it off,  she wanted a traditional headtie in her gallery (I'll post it later).  The makeup session practically transformed this beautiful young lady right before my eyes, but the absolute best part was photographing her. She did not require much coaching. She brought it!