5 Fun Things To Do For The Newly Engaged. Plus a bonus tip

Ronnie-Bliss-Photography_0014.jpgAssuming you’ve returned from cloud nine – whoooo, and coherent, here are 5 fun things to do before the whirlwind of the budget, headcount, venue, date, dress, shoes, color, coordinator etc. kicks in.

  1. Gather the girls together. You know, your bff’s, wing(wo)man, keeper of all your secrets, minder of your broken heart. Before you put it on social media, this is waayyyy to important to drop it on social media. You’ll have all the time to hit ‘post’, trust me. I’m talking serious girls night out here, details, details, details, it’s on!
  2. Get a manicure, you have some serious bling to show off. Go for clear or neutral color, you don't want anything to compete with your bling. No punchy neon color or glitters. YOU. ARE. THE. STAR. not OPI, Essie or China Glaze. And, oh bring the girls along.
  3. Perfect your engagement story. Why? Because you didn't hear what he said in the first place. You saw the ring and everything else was a blur. You are going to be tell this epic story over and over and over again. The idea here is not to tell a fib, but to perfect your unique, award winning, New York best seller story of how he proposed. Perfect one for the ages.
  4. Dream. You’ll thank me for this later. Dream. A lot. It’s free.  Imagine how you would love your very special day to unfold. What would you love to happen on that day? You know, ... out of the abundance of the heart.... It’s free and cheaper. You’ve been dreaming of this moment your entire life, haven’t you? You time has finally come. You're limited only by your imagination.
  5. Start practicing your new signature and the sound of your new name. Remember what you did with your first boyfriend’s name? Practicing your signature as a kid, a combination of your maiden name and his? Or altogether adopting his name, aww, it doesn’t matter, the idea is to have fun before the details hits.

Most importantly, get a professional engagement photo. Right away. As in now. While you’re still glowing. Selfies are great, there nothing wrong with them, it just the fashion right now. Don’t believe me? How selfie crazy were we 10 years ago? You’ll need professional images for your announcements, invitation cards, giveaways, websites, social media profile, phone, tablet, laptop, pc screen cover, right? You get it. Call me, let’s capture the glow and leave evidence of your love for your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Bonus tip. Add your honeymoon fund to the wedding registry, you can afford your own toaster or that 20 place setting you'll never use. Your friends and families truly would love to give you a great start. Take the trip of a lifetime and fall in love all over again.

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