Ronnie Bliss Photography_0019.jpg Do something Good for someone Monday.

This past Friday we remembered. How could we forget? September 11 evokes so much memory. Most of us could describe exactly where we were and what we were doing when the news broke. In a matter of hours though, we came together as a nation, complete strangers defended our land, reached out to console, comfort and love each other in a bond of unity no one could have predicted.

Today’s task?

In honor of the men and women in uniform who serve our great nation, let us say a big 'Thank You' for your service wherever you see one today. They are everywhere, you cannot go through the day without seeing one. Not just the armed forces, let's include police officers and firefighters. If they serve and protect, they earned it. Simple enough but it goes a long way.

Do Something Good. For Someone else. Happy Monday!

Did you do it? Well? How’d it go? Tell us all about it in the comment section.

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