If I had to paint a lifestyle portrait of Tayla, poised and savvy and oh, sassy are just a few of words that will splash onto my canvas.  

Career woman at the library of congres


I had this emerging blogger, writer and full-time career woman at the end of my lens on a recent Saturday afternoon walking around the nation's capital talking about goals and aspirations. One thing became apparent, Tayla is full of bright ideas and is not afraid to pursue them. Take for example, her soon to be launched blog. Her laser focused goal is to support, encourage and empower women to live virtuously in all areas of life. Her target audience? Women.  Of all ages and from all walks of life. There will be something for every woman whether single or married. Professionally, she aspires to be a published author and academic professor.

Here are a few of the images that developed. Career woman in washington DC Ronnie Bliss Photography_0200 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0212


She loves food – who doesn’t? We ended up discovering new eateries in the iconic Union Station after our photo shoot where she introduced me to one of her many favs in the city Shake Shack. Who knew there was such a great hidden gem in Union Station. I tend to just walk through or head straight to one of my tried and true restaurants. Lesson learned! Take time to look around or hang out with a local. And then there's her love for crafts, makeup, and shopping but above all, she values family.


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A Michigan native, Tayla is an alumnae of Trinity Washington University. She plans to attend seminary in 2017 to obtain a Master’s of Divinity.