At the crossroad of life, I entered 2015 knowing it is a year of many changes in every area of my life. Simply put, crazy scary at the same time wildly exciting. Afterall it’s not every day you’re handed the opportunity to stand at a crossroad of a new lease on life. What to do! Take a left, a right or stay put? Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!! With this rare and exciting ‘opportunity’, I decided to immerse myself in some personal development, explore honing my photography skill by attending several workshops for different reasons. The Bayside Bride Workshop was the first, hosted by Natalie Franke and Krista Jones. It was wedding business strategies meet styled shoots. Not just one styled shoot but engagement + wedding. As if that was not enough, how about shooting digital or film? Fear not, my goal was personal development so I stayed digital.

On a personal level, I came away with tons of new ideas, skills were definitely honed, gained an entire community of friends and a movement called Community over Competition. A group of creatives, in the same relative creative space, who are genuinely rooting for your business to succeed. Wow!

Here are some images from the engagement session.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0047.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0048.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0053.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0054.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0055.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0050.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0049.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0052.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0046.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0051.jpg

Thank you for visiting, more on the wedding images next week.