Traditions and the circle of life.

Count how many times you hear the question what are you doing for the holidays? Are you going home? Do you have family here?  And so begins the journey all around the world. Families will travel great distances, endure the airport stress or miles of traffic just to get home. To come together to break bread after all mom or dad has been cooking for days and someone has to eat it.  

Among the many traditions we observe, it is so easy to overlook the importance of taking a family photo. Why? because we're going to do it again next year. We take the beauty of the moment for granted.

Don't miss out of the moment. This moment. This season of life. Start a new tradition this holiday season. Here are 3 very simple traditions to cultivate. 

  1. Family photo. Gather everyone at the table into a single frame and take a picture. 
  2. Generations. Get all the women into a single frame. Get all the men into a single frame
  3. Print. Print each photo and frame it. Write a short note on the back of the photo and frame it.

Do it again the following year and the next. Show your children the fabric of their lives. 

I will be home for the holidays and will be taking a small number of portrait sessions especially for generations portrait session. I will be honored to create a beautiful portrait of your family. 

Happy Thanksgiving.