What Is The Color Of Love 33 Years Later | Anniversary and Birthday

What is the color of love 33 years later? Service.

Ask anyone who's had the honor to meet these two and they're likely to say they serve. Service unto God by serving others. Never too busy. Period. It was no accident then that when she decided to celebrate her 60th birthday, she just couldn't celebrate herself, nope. She had to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary, her hubby, family and friends because that's who she is. And people came. From all over to celebrate her as well.

She's the woman who doesn't forget birthdays and surprises you a happy birthday call. Even to her 'girls' from high school. Did I say she's 60 years young?. She bakes for hours on end, a meal here and there. He's the man who supports whatever she cooks up. Literally cause he delivers to the recipient. Car, train, doesn't matter, she cooks it, he delivers it. And then there's prayer. Need someone to stand with you in agreement? Call or text and you can rest assured you're on their prayer list. It's no wonder then that she was one of the women I confided in when I was planning my move to Houston.  And it was such an honor when she hired me back to Maryland to celebrate with her and her family. And there are many more celebrations to come with this wonderful man and woman who are no longer clients but aunt and uncle to me. Oh, if you're wondering how can they be my aunt and uncle, it's because we're all connected by more than just blood.

Enjoy their celebration