You've hand selected the closest family and friends to bear witness at your intimate wedding celebration. And they love you enough to say yes, it'll be an honor to attend. How then do you ensure your wedding is not just another celebration but one that is memorable and leaves your guests wishing your time together does not come to an end? 

Let's look at 3 relatively simple ways to achieve just that:

1. Think outside the box:

Who says you have to get married on a Saturday?  Yes, conventional wisdom says most people are off from work but this is your wedding convention has nothing to do with you. Get married on a week day? Better yet towards the end of the week.

Say your 'I do' on Thursday or Friday and get a head start on extending the celebration into the weekend with your friends and family. 

Worried your guests may not show up? Fret not, the ones who loves you will show up and witness you exchange your vows. It's no different from anyone with a weekend schedule not showing up for a Saturday wedding. 


2. Turn your wedding into a getaway for your guests:


Why not share your celebration with your loved ones by getting married at a resort or retreat style venue where your guests can sneak in a little R&R in addition to attending your wedding.

Your wedding planner has great resources and can negotiate a great all inclusive or reduced rate deal for 2-3 nights. Treat your guests to a weekend getaway. 


3. Make your wedding ceremony memorable:

End day two with a simple picnic and present your guests with a journal or small notebook and have everyone trade real life stories. You'd be surprised how the details vary from one guest to the other especially when in the company of close friends. Here are a few starters:

  1. Where or how they met - elicit details
  2. When they know their partner was the one
  3. Favorite places to visit - destination and local
  4. Things they'd like to do 
  5. If they had a magic wand ... 


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