ronnie-bliss-nigerian-wedding-photoA chance meeting at a friends party followed by a few phone calls that didn't quite go anywhere was the beginning of these two lovebirds. All that changed when an innocent email sent from a different time zone landed in his inbox in the middle of the night. She claimed it was part of a mass email she sent for marketing her network business. He responded anyway thinking it was personalized to him.  He claimed he was working late into the wee hours of the night and there was her email, so why not open it.

Fast forward to Friday night's traditional Igbo wedding, Chineme and Ogom tied the knot in full customary tradition before their friends and family. From the bridal price negotiations to the breaking of the cola nut, to the blessing of the palm wine, the soon to be wed put on a full skit to entertain their guests.  And then comes the interactive part of the night, the search for the groom who had previously been stowed away amongst his friends. Enter fake suitors who  eagerly reached out to a beautiful woman promising her riches untold. Chineme had plenty of choices of men to pick from at a moment's notice to marry, but she had her eye and heart only for Ogom to whom she would offer her precious palm wine as a promise of what he can expect from their lives together. Amidst cries of take me, take me, I'm rich, I'm available, I'll love you and take good care of you, cause not just any 'ol care would do for Chineme. She searched high and low until she finally found her one true love, Ogom, the one who makes her heart skip multiple beats. The night ended with the groom's last dance with his family before joining his bride to become man and wife.


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