Yewande + Colin Engaged


When the stars align, they do it perfectly.

When I suggested a date for Yewande and Colin's engagement session date, little did I know it was Loving Day wikipedia the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that struck down all US laws against interracial marriage. How awesome is it that they get to celebrate on that very date?  In turn, they couldn't have picked a better location for our session than Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore where Colin proposed, Yewande said 'yes' (of course!) and Colin's family had lived as far back as 1850.

We roamed around the neighborhood, from the little shops every kid runs to for candy and pop, to the house that lasted five generations itself. Now a café, it was both surreal and exhilarating at the same time. Of course, we ended the night at Federal Hill park itself to a great sunset and dancing to another perfect melody, ‘I Swear’ by John Michael Montgomery.

Enjoy their images.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0382.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0383.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0384.jpgRonnie Bliss Photography_0411Ronnie Bliss Photography_0342 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0385.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0386.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0387.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0388.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0389.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0390.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0391.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0392.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0393.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0394.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0395.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0396.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0397.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0398.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0399.jpg Ronnie Bliss Photography_0400.jpg

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