Ask any bride about the top three to five things she worries about the most on her wedding day and I'll bet stress and skin breakout is likely to be on that list. Enter this week's featured business on Ask The Expert series. Backed by a major tried and tested company, she knows a thing or two, perhaps three things about skin care solutions for any woman or man for that matter. Come along. 

1. Ask The Expert: Talk about your business and what are the best uses of your products.

I am an Executive consultant for Rodan + Fields.  We offer solutions. My company uses multi-med therapy to provide people of all skin tones, shades, and ethnicities with dermatological-grade ingredients and results.  The best uses of these products is to combat and protect the skin from the signs of aging; reverse sun damage, clear dark spots, and even complexion; clear and prevent stubborn acne; and soothe sensitive, easily irritated skin. My products are perfect for people who have tried everything or maybe nothing at all. They are also for people who are looking to upgrade their soap and water skincare for skincare with proven results, or maybe they want makeup to be optional.  Mostly they are for people who want their outside glow to match their inside one. These products aren’t just skin changing, they are life changing.


2. Ask The Expert: What are some of the Most FAQ you receive or what problems do most of your clients have and how have you solved the problem?

Ah! The FAQs! I almost always get asked if the products work on all skin tones. Absolutely, these products work on fair skin, medium skin, tan skin, and dark skin. No matter what gender or background, these products have been clinically tested and proven to provide exceptional results no matter what. I also get asked about the longevity of the products, basically, how long they last between orders. Everyone is different and uses the products at different rates, so it will totally depend on the individual. The products are formulated for 60-day use, but it’s easy as pie to restock individual pieces when you need them! Most of my customers are battling dark spots, sun damage, and complexion issues. Reverse is my best seller by far. There are two Reverse regimens to meet even more specific needs. Reverse brightening is for dullness, discoloration, and uneven skin tone - any sun lovers out there? Reverse brightening is for you! Have marks that are persistent? Reverse lightening is for stubborn dark marks, patches, and age spots. Men and women alike experience such wonderful changes in their skin from this regimen.


3. Ask The Expert:If money is no object, what are the top 3 solutions you offer? 

There are a few products that are must haves! The #1 can’t live without it, gotta-have-it, especially for a bride, is the LashBoost! When thinking of your special day, your love will look into your eyes and you want your lashes to blow him away right? Well honey the weather and tears are not your friends if you are wearing falsies! With LashBoost you will have your own luscious, darker-looking, fuller-looking, longer-looking lashes without worry! All you’ll need to focus on is the love in his eyes, because yours will be exquisite.

Second runner up is the Redefine multi-funtion eye cream. You can party the night away and no one will ever be the wiser! Girls just wanna have fun, and not look like it in the morning! Enjoy your bachelorette party and pamper your eyes with this nourishing blend of peptides that will reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Last but not least is the AMP MD system. All princess need a magic wand right? Well here is yours! Visibly firms and tightens skin for dramatic results after just one use. Smooth skin is essential for this perfect day, and it also qualifies as your “something blue”! 

What is one of the most special moments on your big day? It’s hands down gotta be the kiss! Well let your lips be pucker ready with Redefine Lip Serum. Lips will keep their natural moisture and be super soft and smooth. You can be lipstick optional with this must have.


4. The average cost for my preferred customers (PCs) ranges between $150 and $190 depending on what regimen and Enhancements they order. They have the option to replenish their order every 60 days, with free shipping and a 10% discount. They are also in total control of their accounts and can skip replenishments at any time without penalty! We take the hassle out of having another item on your “to-do” list! I am in constant contact with my customers, to answer questions as well as keep them up to date with the most current promotions and product launches. 

5. Starting a business wasn’t in my 5-year plan, I’ll be honest. I am a stay-at-home mom to three precious jewels - I was doing life with my family and finishing up my doctoral degree. I knew at some point I was going to go back to work, but wasn’t totally clear on what that would look like.  When I was introduced to Rodan + Fields, I saw it’s potential to change my family’s life as well as the lives of those I would come in contact with because of it. Family is everything to me, and this business is allowing me to create more space to enjoy my family.  It’s pushing me past my comfort zone to create a lifestyle that will mean less overtime for my husband (my bestie), intentional bonding time with my children, and the ability for me to pursue my personal and spiritual growth.  I am more than fortunate to get to do this, and I count it as an honor and a blessing every time a customer thanks me for sharing these products with them. If something as seemingly simple as skincare can have such a profound impact in my life, I know it will do the same for you. 

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