Vendor Showcase


When longtime and seasoned wedding events creative, Kensington Flowers and Events Inc come calling, you go!

And so began the May inaugural DMV Wedding and Events vendor Showcase at the Signature Blue event center in Beltsville, MD orchestrated by the very seasoned Paulina 'Nana' Kodua of Kensington Flowers and Events, and her dear friend, Tina Ajari Bello of Elite Party Rental and Events.

The goal as stated by Nana was both "a one-stop-shop for vendors that will make your event take off with class, attention to detail, and utmost satisfaction" and an excellent opportunity for collaboration amongst event creatives in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Although I had a previous engagement that day, my friend and sister Chuigo, call her Chu-Chu, stood in for me and didn't disappoint.  I stopped long enough to capture a few images as vendors were setting up.



Ronnie Bliss Photography_0273Ronnie Bliss Photography_0263Ronnie Bliss Photography_0268 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0272

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0267 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0271 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0266 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0265 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0264

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0261 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0260Ronnie Bliss Photography_0259Oh this cake, this cake, this cake... I actually smelled the sugar as I stood next to it. Had to zoom in for the details. Ronnie Bliss Photography_0257God bless women ... from our head to toe. Unquie pieces to complement any attire.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0255 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0256

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0254Party rentals ... what's your pleasure Ronnie Bliss Photography_0253 Ronnie Bliss Photography_0252Ronnie Bliss Photography_0251

Custom gifts, hand selected, just for you and your guests. Leave the planning to the experts.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0280Ronnie Bliss Photography_0285Right there ... got it! She's always on POINT!

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0262

Another photographer in the house, my sister, and friend Halima Kamara getting ready for the show

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0275

Ever seen anyone dance and frown? Impossible... NK introduces African dance into the mix

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0276Ronnie Bliss Photography_0277

I missed staying long enough to get one of those bling-bling shawls I love from this mother-daughter and aunt team.

You should have seen the original authentic saris on display.Ronnie Bliss Photography_0281And your event is not completed until there's music in the house.

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0282

Oh, I saved the best for last ... check out her info below. She makes one of a kind! Ronnie Bliss Photography_0283

Ronnie Bliss Photography_0284


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