Ronnie Bliss Photography_Random_Photo Today is an easy read I promise. It’s random facts about my life, so grab a cup of your favorite drink, snuggle up while I put a smile on your face.

1. “Failure to reduce speed in adverse weather conditions” – the EXACT WORDING of the very first moving violation I received over 20 years ago. I still remember it because getting the ticket did not dampen my high spirit for finishing the last statistics exam for life! Moreover, I was too gullible to challenge the ticket considering I was only going 5 miles over the speed limit and just happen to pass PG County ‘finest’ when other drivers had slowed down.

2. 11 – my SHOE SIZE if I can ever find one. I tend to purchase 2 pairs when I get lucky, in different colors of course. And don’t say check Nordstrom’s, they may have it but not always in my style. What girl doesn’t have her own style?

3. Royal blue, purple and brown – my FAVORITE COLORS. Don’t ask me to pick one. It will be a long process.

4. Hot coffee – my favorite SLEEPING DRUG of choice. Add fluffy socks, pillow, and comforter and I’m down for the count.

5. One of seven siblings, one of six girls and 2ND IN LINE OUT OF 25 and counting children/grandchildren/cousins/nephew/nieces just from my mom’s tree alone. My mom believes she’s the female Abraham.

6. 216,000 plus – TOTAL MILES on my old Toyota Highlander. I drove every inch of those miles chauffeuring kids/carpool/football/wrestling/softball/ice hockey athletes/Robotics meetings/college move in and out, and everything in between. From Bowie to Ocean City, MD to Virginia Beach, VA. Bethesda to Severn, MD, Providence, RI to Morgantown, West Virginia, to Burlington, NC. Phew!

7. 8 – the NUMBER OF READING GLASSES in various shapes and colors that I own. Some gizmo declared me far sighted so I’m saddled with those things perched on my nose only for reading of course. Problem is I always lose them. The solution to saving my sanity from the constant searching is to leave a pair in each room, bathroom and kitchen included. I even have an extra pair in the car. My grandma used to say if it doesn't have a voice, it's not smarter than you! Problem solved!

8. Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Preston & Child – my grip-you-from-the-start, blood-pumping-heart-racing, hard-to-put-down, drive-around-the-neighborhood-a-little-longer, stay-up-if-you-must FAVORITE FICTIONAL, MYSTERY & SUSPENSE, and THRILLER AUTHORS. I love the local library CD collection. Yes, it must be CDs, not downloads. There's something magical about changing those CDs and the return trip to the library. It makes me feel like a kid with a library card. My tax dollars at work!

9. ALL GIRLS SCHOOL – my early formative years in the Anglican school system. Both elementary and secondary school. Clothes at least 2 inches below the knee, hair all natural and cut short, no longer than an inch. Not a smidgen of nail polish, not even the clear one. And you have to sit properly, after all, ladies do not cross their legs. Those rules stick with you forever.

10. DO I GET A REFUND FOR THE DAY? – the question I ask my kids when they claim to be sick and can’t go to school. Funny how they managed to live through the school day and come home all healthy. I bet they’ll use the same parent knows best trick on their kids someday, or maybe not. My job is done.

11. Mamma Mia – my favorite musical of all times. Watched it at least 5 times at the movie theater and over 20 times on DVD until the boys declared they'd had enough of Merryl Streep and hid or broke it, can’t find it since. SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS holds a special place in my heart.

There you have it, another glimpse into my life. Care to share one or two of your random fact?