Can we just say thank God for friends who love you enough to hook you up on a blind date? Whether there's enough chemistry for a second date much less getting married or not is totally your call.

Well, she must have made an impression cause he was smitten, on their very first blind date no less. Jesse knew on that date he was gonna marry Rhonda (cue Bruno Mars Marry You here) I bet you're humming that song now or looking up the lyrics wink On that note, let's thank their mutual friends Kelly and Kelley for this blind date setup. An avid hunter with a love of the ocean, a Galveston, Texas elopement was an easy choice to tie the knot. Precious Nuptials and Destinations gave them the best of both worlds, the ocean, and a park. Ok so a park is not dense enough for hunting so a beautiful park was the setting.

Congratulations Rhonda + Jesse.