Ever met anyone where there was no need for breaking the ice. As in you connect as if you've known each other for years, you know, like old friends finally getting together. I met Latonia and Woodley through Precious of Precious Nuptials and Destinations Photographing this awesome couple was a true joy. He opened the door and greeted me with one of the broadest smiles you've ever seen on a man. Not to be left behind, their little pup practically raced down the driveway jumping up and down to express his unique welcome.  When the woman of the house came around the corner, smiling and giggling like a girl on her first date, the look on her face was 'there you are' come on.

Latonia and Woodley's intimate wedding was in their gorgeous home in Spring, Tx. Surrounded by their closest friend, you would think they had a venue full of people. The atmosphere was calm and joyous with that 'let's do this' mood.  When you know you're going to marry your best friend, it's easy to start shopping for just the perfect dress. Talking of Latonia's wedding dress, she's had it made for years, as in since 2014, the designer's note was still in the bag. (Note to self: photographed the evidence next time)  And the dress fit like a glove. 

The ceremony was just perfect! Short and sweet and surrounded by love. The speeches from their friends were straight from the heart and experience. The one I came away with was, 'take care of your home. You can come and hang with us, but you're going back home'.   What a blessing it was to witness the love and vows these two pledge to each other. 

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