Still Standing | Charlie Marcol | A Personal Project

Everyone has a story and Charlie Marcol is no exception. Charlie was one of the participants at our Still Standing Project, an annual giving back project that looks for opportunities to give back of our time and talent specifically to women who are, or have gone through some of life's challenges but come through and are 'still standing'. We seek to form a strong bond with those women and propel each other forward. We learn from and lean on each other. 

While The Still Standing Project was my brainchild, it was brought to life after a chance encounter with the dynamic Ameerah of @BrunchandSlay, a Women's Empowerment event series. She provides unique experiences and uplifting content for women.  

A quick chat turned into a full-fledged event supported by so many other creatives. Our early no-question-asked-sign-me-up supporters were @styledbykelseyv and @thefilmstill and several soon followed. Tune in to read about each of our supporters will be featured in a future blog post. 

1.  Charlie's story of inspiration is leading the way. Born and raised in Texas, a graduate of the University of Houston, proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and a Masters degree in Counseling from Texas Southern University. 

Now a published author, she wrote from her personal experience in her debut novel, From the Florist to the Forest. She narrated the result of a failed marriage and shared the pain and doubt of her personal journey. She made a conscious decision to take negative energy and transform it into a tool to help those struggling with the same issues. While cathartic, her story serves as a personal testimony of self-discovery and redemption. Charlie seeks to empower women through awareness, discussions, and self-love. 

2.  It's all too common to relive a life event again and again in our minds, while some women learn from it others are stuck and unable to move forward. We asked Charlie what she wished she had known or would have done differently? Here's how she responded: 

Listen to that the little voice in your head that speaks so loud. "If I would’ve listened to that voice it would’ve protected me from people, relationships, and situations that I ended up regretting"  Regret is a sure sign you have made a mistake. Listen to that little voice, it knows what’s best for you.

3.  When asked what is/was that something that has helped you along the way?

Her faith and belief in God has sustained her. Especially at my lowest points in life.

4.   I have a personal believe that we go through something, whatever that is, to be a torch bearer and inspire others. When asked what advise she would give anyone going through the same right now? Here's her words of wisdom: 

Know that you are enough.
Good enough
Beautiful enough
Smart enough.
You are God’s best.  It is not your job to make someone see your worth.As for relationships: Only make moves if your heart is in it. Don’t fall for the superficial trappings as it relates to relationships. Know what you want before giving yourself away.   

5.      What's next for you Charlie? "I’m working on various writing projects and setting up tours for new published works.

I hope you are inspired by Chalie's story. That regardless of your current situation, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Surround yourself with other women to lift you up, to lean on. And if you have gone through and still standing, please be an inspiration to other, reach out pull up. Most importantly, if you know someone going through please consider sharing this. 

A Film Still special video clip of the inauguration event can be seen here 

None of these would be possible without our participating vendors who donated time, talent and goodies. Please visit them. 

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