He asked will you marry me? You said Yes! Woohoo! Ring on your finger, back from cloud 9 on to wedding planning.

It's your turn to ask your girls if they will stand with you on your wedding day? Whether that's an elopement, yes elopements can have witnesses too. An intimate wedding or an all out, leave no expense spared wedding, you need your girls. Will you be my bridesmaid? Maybe throw a mean bridal party? I'm going out on a limb here and expect every one of your girls to say yes, yes and yes.  Now to the most important question, what will they wear? 

The perfect bridesmaid dress that'll make your girls love you extra. Is there such a thing as the perfect dress? Yes! there is when it hugs your body like it was created just for you, your curves and bumps and you're not even the bride. Can you find it? Yes, if you follow these 3 simple tips and your bridesmaids are guaranteed love you more when it comes to what to wear. 

1. The perfect bridesmaid dress:

  • Consider selecting a dress that can be restyled and put to good use. A one-time wear dress is a waste of good money not to talk fashion. 
  • Consider a complimentary color scheme of the same dress or different style of the same color. No need to be boring. 
  • Body types are different, allow your girls to select styles that flatter their body type, who knows they just may attract a secret or not so secret admirer at the wedding.

2. Not all dresses are created equal:

  • You want to remain the attraction, right? well, a strapless dress for the wrong body type is just an invitation for a major distraction as we tend to fidget if a dress is not a good fit. 
  • A dress that's too snug or too loose would achieve the same distraction objective. Idea is to let your girls have a say in the process

3. They love you but love themselves more:

  • Keep standing to bare essential. Reserve the first row during the ceremony and allow them to sit as soon as possible.
  • Remember they're probably in high heeled shoes and would need to take the load off so they can conserve their energy just for you.
  • They're not the center of attraction, we want you front and center. 

Remember it's going to be a long day for your girls, or appear to be a long day even if you have an intimate ceremony. One of the reasons is that you are the center of attention and they the supporting cast. That gets boring real fast unless you have intentionally given them a reason to have fun and wish the day does not come to an end soon.

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