After months of what seem like endless planning, it's understandable that both bride and groom are excited to get the show on the road especially when it's 2-day multicultural wedding as it was for Jummy Olabanji and Darren Sands. A groom wants his bride as much as the bride her man. But then you meet a groom that just radiates pure joy and happiness, embraces his new culture, attire and extended family and all. And then there is Darren oh boy! I've met a few groom in my time and photographed a few multicultural weddings but this man was on cloud 9.   Add a great moderator who knows how to direct the 'skit' (family intro) and the party takes a life of its own. The moderator ran Darren and his squad through a bit of push up (prostrate really, but push up phonetically speaking) before allowing him to claim his bride. Like I said you couldn't dampen this man's mood, I can't stop smiling as I write this intro. I actually had a had time writing wondering how much to 'kiss and tell' but I'll let you in. Come along. 

Vendor Love
Design: @gardenofedenintlllc 

Second Photographer: @isholaphotography

Videography: @femsterimages_production 

Venue: @internationalcountryclub 

Makeup: @angeliccreations_bymary

Catering: Sunbim Restaurant & Catering

Alaga/Moderator: All About Him MC & Alaga Services