How do you describe the color of love 38 years later?

He's 67, she's 60. Two kids, a boy and a girl, and celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary with their prettiest daughter (nevermind she's the only daughter).

She loves to cook for him, he does the cleaning.  He's a homebody, love to watch football, no, not American but soccer, the real football if you ask some folks. She loves to go out. Perfect if you ask me. He has no clue how long she's gone as long as he has the remote control.

With kids gone, she adopted dogs, not one, not two or three, try four. Yap, four dogs!

I had the great honor to hang out with them and watch how they interact with each other. Come along ...

I am so thankful to hang out with these two and document their anniversary. Know any couple that's been married for over 30 years? I'd love to chat with them.