Houston Wedding Photographer
Houston Wedding Photographer

Do you love football?  Who doesn't? If you're not a football fan, you may not be aware that Houston, my new city, is host to Super Bowl LI, yay! for me.

If you don't like football, it's perfectly ok to scroll down, enjoy the images. This is one of my fun get-to-know-Houston projects.

I'd like to start with a shoutout to all the coaches, team moms, and dads, volunteers all across the US, thank you for the countless hours, for the labor of love, for your heart for the game. From flag football to little league to Friday nights light aka high school football. And then on to College. I was one of the team moms and still have t-shirts with the inscribed Izon's mom and championship leather jacket that I can't seem to part with. I remember my first night in little league football when one of the coaches asked if my boys had their 'cup', I had no idea what a football cup was but it was a quick education. All he asked was would I like to be a grandmother someday, I got it real quick. While my boys have outgrown college football, I am still very much part of the football family, my daughter is in one of the most exciting marching bands of all college marching bands... go Trojans! Fight on!!

And then there's the NFL, the ultimate football party. Enough said.

Imagine my excitement when my good friend Alicia of Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio informed me of an upcoming workshop at her boutique.  The Texan/Cowboys Decorative Wreath workshop is for football fans who are already planning for Super Bowl 2017. What's better than mingling with a group of your friends, at a cool neighborhood boutique where you can not only mingle but and learn how to make and decorate wreaths. If you're in Houston, stop by to visit Alicia, she has a great concept for a boutique - it's a creative meet, shop & learn space. She travels extensively and practically brings the world home. Her boutique has the perfect spot for small groups gathering. I stopped by and took some shots of the fun work that goes into the excitement of making these wreaths.


If you enjoyed the series, please consider sharing it. Come back next week, I can't decide yet which one of the small businesses to feature yet. I have a few.