A wedding is not complete without a wedding cake or some sweet dessert. From design to personality, as a wedding photographer, I'm always excited to see what a bride will choose for her wedding cake. This week's Ask The Expert series features a Houston, Texas cake artist wth a unique style to her craft. She sees each and every cake design as an opportunity to bless her clients with her talent and extra appreciative she's been chosen out of many other cake designers

Ask The Expert: : What’s your company name and products?

 Get Caked is a custom dessert bakery. As much as we absolutely love making custom cakes, we also love to make custom cookies, cupcakes, and many, many other fabulous desserts. Because, what's a party without dessert, right?! 

Ask The Expert:  What are some of the questions your clients ask and how have you solved the problems?

Q1. : Are your cakes dense or light and fluffy? 

A: I would say we are in between the two. They are definitely not overly dense, but the cakes we typically create require more density than a regular sheet cake due to carving, stacking, etc.  Sometimes people equate density to dryness; although, that is sometimes the case, you can rest assured that it is not the case with our desserts. 

Q2. Why do you charge $X.00 per serving? I've never paid that amount for a cake before.

A: We pride ourselves in serving only the highest quality ingredients. Every single item that leaves our kitchen is created to client’s exact specifications and held to a very high quality standard. Some people may think "it's just cake", but to us, it is an opportunity to be a part of memories that you will forever hold onto. Whether is the most important moment in your life, such as your wedding day, or whether it's another family get together. You will cherish the memories of being able to be with those you love, enjoying something spectacular. We value our clients and want to provide only the very best for them! 


Q3: Why do you not have a storefront or operate out of your home?

A: Get Caked operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law, allowing us to work from my home kitchen as long as we abide by certain guidelines. These guidelines require that whomever will be touching the cake, prior to release to the client, have a food handlers permit. Although, I have had opportunities to open a store front, the goal was always to be able to stay home with my children while running a successful business. I want to show them first hand that if you work hard and have integrity, you CAN accomplish your dreams! 


Ask The Expert: What ideas would you like your clients to consider/implement?

Get Caked: I would have to suggest thinking more outside the box than just a barely iced or buttercream textured cake. I know those are very popular right now, but adding your own little flare to it makes it so much more your own! I had a client recently that did alternating tiers of fondant ruffle roses and the ever popular barely iced cake. It was gorgeous and incorporated one of the biggest trends, but it was also her very own and so unique!

Wedding cakes do not have to be all white buttercream! What about a geode cake? A wood grain texture? All gold? Mixed textures? Mixed metallics? The sky is the limit!!

Nor do wedding cakes have to just be vanilla! I would say only 1% of my current clients chose a simple white flavor. Most of them are flavors such as Lemon Rosemary, Chocolate Stout with Praline Filling, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, etc. Or even multiple flavors! Contrary to popular belief, I have noticed that wedding guests appreciate the diversity and different flavors more than a plain white cake. 


Ask The Expert: What is your price point? What do most of your clients spend?

Get Caked: Our pricing starts at $4.75 per serving for Buttercream and $5.25 per serving for fondant cakes. Most of our cakes end up averaging around $5-$8 per serving once designs are settled. 


Ask The Expert: Why did you start Get Cakes? What have you learned along the way about yourself or running a small business?

Get Caked: There are so many reasons I started Get Caked... extra income, an opportunity to stay home with my kids, a creative outlet... Although all of the above still applies, I have learned so much above myself during this process. I've learned I am stronger and braver than I ever imagined. I learned that there is a way to bring joy to people around you by just providing a well made sweet treat and a smile. I've learned that sometimes, things don't go your way, but that doesn't mean you have to quit or that you weren't quite made to do it. I've learned more about integrity than I ever knew. And I've learned a new kind of balance that includes everything I love. I am so appreciative of the journey I have traveled and the adventure ahead! 

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