Ronnie Bliss Photography_0413 Undoubtedly, the engagement season of a bride's life is perhaps one of the best seasons when hopes are soaring and everything comes up roses. If you take the time to sow a handful of seeds during your engagement/planning season and you'll be reaping a bountiful harvest when you need it the most. Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Craft a love letter from the heart. This letter is from you to YOU, an anchor when your blue sky shows a patch of gray. You don't need to write it in one sitting but don't wait till the week of the wedding when the butterflies in your body are in full swing or your thoughts will be all jumbled together. Get a ‘strictly love letter’ journal if you love to write and you'll thank yourself later. To be clear, this is a safe haven letter and you're not compelled to give it to him but imagine the look on his face if he were to get a 'peek' into your thoughts. Your call!
    1. Pour out your heart on paper, no not on a gadget (nice try!), but put a pen to paper.
    2. How do you feel about him, and how does he make you feel. What made you say yes.
    3. Your wish for your future together. Your prayer for the man he is today (as in before 'I do') and the man you wish he will become.
  1. Set realistic expectations. No, he does not walk on water and neither do you. (you think you do, don't you? I think I so too :-))
    1. Nope! he truly does not always understand how fast the wheels in your head grinds. I'm not making excuses, I'm preparing you for a life of honeymoon together. Don't allow little things ruin your wonderful relationship.
    2. Make room for personal space like you hanging with your girls or him his boys as long as they understand you're committed to each other.
    3. Don't sweat the small stuff. So his sock doesn't land perfectly in the hamper or he presses the toothpaste from the center. Buy separate toothpaste if necessary, the point is these are what I call "ankle-biters", they keep you from focusing on what important: You + Him = US. Focus on your US!
  1. Dream about your future together. “dream about the world you’re gonna live in, one fine day … let imagination take you” Oakridge Boys. (The who? Google it already)
    1. EVERYTHING your eyes can see started in someone's imagination. It ALWAYS started with a dream, so dream BIG.
    2. List your personal goals and goals as a couple. Divide your goals 1, 5, 10, 15 years goal. You don't have to stop there, it's your life story.
    3. Document how you would like him to support yu and ask the same of him. How does he like to be supported? When you know what's important to your partner, you become each other's best advocate and nothing comes between you.

It's been said many times before, anything written is measurable. So plan for a great life together but most importantly, plan to flourish so you can regale your children and grandchildren with stories that can be passed down to generations.

I hope you find these tips useful. If so please pass it along, share with friends and families.

Until next week ... hugs and kisses