Antique shopping? Not my thing. Why? Because I can't slow down long enough to see through all the stuff in an antique shop. That was until I went on a photo walk with Texas native and fellow photographer Nicki Evans Simpson who allowed me to tag along on one of her walks.

With no strict agenda, we met at Boomtown a small coffee shop in the Heights section of Houston, turns out they actually roast some pretty mean beans, great coffee, check them out if you're ever in the area.   Coffee over we took to the street where there was no shortage of shops so we had our pick. When Nicki stopped in front of A. G. Antiques my first instinct was nah! nothing to see here, move along. As in nothing to photograph here but in we went.  A.G. turned out to be an antique mall each stall is owned by a different vendor. Translation? there were lots and lots of different items from around the world. We got permission to photograph from the first couple we met, and with my preconceived notion of nothing to see here are my first two images.


The more I roamed around, the clearer it became that I was in for a treat, you didn't have to tell me there's a reason they call some items a rare find. I decided to slow down, open my eyes and think.

And then these happened ...

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